Unlock Your Employees’ Full Potential.


Manage Health & Maximise Efficiency.


Employee Health is Organisational wealth.


Change starts with one.

One unhappy staff member can create a negative domino effect which impacts on the entire productivity of the company. Together, we aim to improve, optimise and sustain the wellbeing of you, your staff and your organisation. By promoting a culture of health and wellness we empower you to create a positive domino effect in your organisation. This enables the organisation to achieve maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

“Hope can be imagined as a domino effect, a chain reaction, each increment making the next increase more feasible” – Jerome Groopman


The Corporate Issue


For example, the shocking reality is that South Africa, at one time, was losing R16-billion a year to absenteeism, with around 15% of employees absent on any given day. Corporates are faced with the problem of how to decrease this number while at the same time increase retention and productivity of their staff.

The Corporate Solution


Staff performance, commitment and contribution to the work environment originates in their perception of their value to the organisation. Although absenteeism is often understood to be caused by illness, depression, disengagement and burnout are also major contributors. How does an organisation then prioritize a wellness culture that inspires employees to be the best that they can be?


Employee wellbeing is vital for sustained high performance, productivity, and engagement.The Domino Effect, perfectly sums up our core belief that a change in one person can impact an entire organisation. As Counseling Psychologists, we facilitate emotional wellbeing. Our purpose is to empower your team to live up to their full potential.

Dramatically reduce absenteeism rates

Increase job satisfaction and create a positive company culture

Enhance productivity

Create competitive advantage

Attract and retain the very best talent

Create and sustain an environment that continually allows staff to perform at their peak

Decrease healthcare expenses

Health and Wellness

It is proven that people will function at their best when they are psychologically, mentally and physically healthy. We therefore recognise the whole person. Holistic wellbeing enables each individual to reach their full potential, cope with the normal stresses of life, work productively, and make the contribution they want to make both at work and at home.


The words of workshop attendees

I have noted a huge shift in attitudes – we are all more willing to share and participate in team discussions and the team have definitely found it easier to approach me with concerns and issues.  Those listening exercises were excellent and I was very happy with the level of team participation, particularly in our last session.
I hope you’ll be able to facilitate further workshops for us later this year!
Thank you for creating a safe space for all team members to express their views and be heard.

The workshop was presented in a calm, nurturing, informative manner

Excellent workshop!

So thorough, so knowledgeable… very safe environment

Engaging, positive, informative, fun

Helen has the ability to connect with each attendee

The workshop teaches you to be accountable in all your relationships

Well prepared, able to hold the space…

Helen is absolutely outstanding!